MAJ05VV Miniature Crystal Oven

MAJ05VV Miniature Crystal Oven

Miniature Crystal Oven


  • Custom voltage input options.
  • Custom temperature options.
  • Supports HC-35/U, T0-05, and T0-39


  • Temperature performance: ± 3°C
  • Turn-0n power: less than 6 watts with a typical steady state power of 0.84 watts at 25°C for a 60°C set point
  • Warm-up: ± 1°C of the final set point temperature in less than 2 minutes
  • Supply voltage: ranges from +5 VDC to +28 VDC

RoHS PB-free


  • 基础通信设备
  • 工业/自动化
  • 测试/量测设备

Product Categories

  • 小型恒温控制器

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