Tuning Fork Crystal

Miniaturized design, satisfying the demand for wearable devices

Taitien’s tuning fork crystal series offers various advantages such as low power consumption, excellent aging rate and high precision. Plus, it delivers complete sizes especially with the smallest size of only Ø1x4.6, which can be easily installed in timing module and save space for PCB layout area. There are two mainstream DIP crystals: Ø2x6 and Ø3x8. The 3.2 x 1.5 mm package is most commonly used for SMD crystals. The maximum drive level is 0.5 μW, which will not cause a large frequency deviation during crystal resonance. It is highly suitable for the design of high-precision timing components. Meanwhile, it can achieve accuracy within 20 ppm and provide accurate clock signals for ICs of different levels from various brands (such as Renesas’ MCU, Intel, AMD, etc.).

  • Industry’s smallest size of Ø1×4.6
  • Maximum drive level of 0.5μW
  • Annual aging rate as low as ±3 ppm/year
  • Frequency deviation less than ±20 ppm
  • Tape packaging, suitable for automatic installation and reflow soldering
  • Applications: electronic products such as computers, game consoles, digital TV equipment, home theaters, IoT, security, smart home, communication equipment, smart transportation, public broadcasting systems, etc.

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