Miniature XO

Pushing Boundaries: Taitien Electronics' Miniature Crystal Oscillators for Extraordinary Achievements

Wearable devices and IoT products are rapidly changing our lives. For product designers, the challenge lies in implementing more features, low power consumption, and accurate timekeeping within a limited space. Taitien Electronics' miniature crystal oscillators provide the solution with their unique product features and value propositions, meeting the demands for various applications. With Taitien Electronics' miniature crystal oscillators, you'll gain greater design freedom, energy-saving solutions, and precise timekeeping. Boost the competitiveness of your products and seize more business opportunities.

  • Ultra-small size: Choose from multiple package sizes, with the smallest size reaching 1.6 x 1.2mm, enabling you to effortlessly achieve feature-rich products.
  • Low power consumption: With a maximum power consumption of just 1.4uA, our oscillators are energy-saving, and prolong product life.
  • High stability: Maintain stable output frequency under extreme temperature and working conditions, ensuring the perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

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