Come meet with Taitien at SATELLITE 2023, booth #2553 in Washington Convention Center!

Come meet with Taitien at SATELLITE 2023, booth #2553 in Washington Convention Center!


Taitien cordially invites you to join us at the much-anticipated SATELLITE 2023, which takes place March 13-16, 2023 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. Come and visit us at Booth #2553!

As one of the leading members of the Taiwan national satellite communication team, Taitien collaborates with the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Space Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and 14 core satellite communication supply chain and solution manufacturers in Taiwan to participate in this exhibition. We will showcase our superior timing products and solutions, including high stability, ultra-low G-sensitivity, and synchronous timing capability products, which are the best fit for satellite communication applications at the system, module, and component levels.

The wide and high frequency range with good low G-sensitivity TCXO, high stability OCXO and disciplined timing module for timing synchronous purpose are the focus of Taitien in satellite communication applications. Equipped with great anti-aging capability, these products provide outstanding frequency stability and ultra low phase noise performance which make them the ideal choice for GNSS and ground receiver station applications. Additionally, Taitien also provides custom solution design services on satellite communications with fast delivery. Come and experience the latest technology in person!

Highlights of Taitien Products at SATELLITE 2023

Product Series Description
DT-5151_Ultra-High Precision Disciplined XO

With the transition to 5G and beyond, a stable reference timing source for top-of-rack switches and leaf switches compliance with IEEE1588 and Synchronization Ethernet (sync technology) has been a challenge. DT-5151 is engineered to control its internal phase error to within 1 ns (RMS) and disciplined to output a one pulse per second (1PPS) signal. This can effectively maintain a correct timing source to the system even under GPS locking failure caused by extreme weather or interference until GPS locking resumes. By combining the best of class precision oscillators with a proprietary adaptive algorithm, DT-5151 series achieves the standard of atomic clock performance. DT-5151 offers an excellent frequency output with accuracy as low as ±10-12 along with a holdover ability to maintain 1.5us within 24. These superior performances are best fit to apply on GNSS synchronization applications, and can cover various satellite systems such as GPS (USA), Galileo (EU), GLONASS (Russia),BeiDou (China), IRNSS (India) and QZSS (Japan).

NI-100MHz-6700_Ultra Low G-Sensitivity OCXO

For oscillators to operate in high shock and vibration environments such as avionics, missiles, automotives, ships, construction equipment and industrial applications while managing phase jitter as low as possible, a specially designed control board is required to achieve a stable system operation.
Taitien’s NI-100M-6700 is the most advanced low G-sensitivity TCXO in the market. With G-sensitivity<0.1ppb/g, the phase jitter is as low as -168dBc/Hz@100KHz. Our patented ASIC design keeps the frequency stability to as low as ±100ppb under a -40°C to +85°C operating environment. These superior features are the keys to ensure stable operation under adverse temperature, high shocking and vibration scenarios. Areas of applicability include national defense, GNSS, avionics, telecom, global positioning system, navigation, etc.

TK_High Frequency, Low Jitter, High Stability VCTCXO

TK series is a high frequency, ultra stable and low jitter VCTCXO with frequency ranges from 40MHz to 150MHz. Its high stability and low phase jitter (as low as 60fs under 12KHz – 20MHz) can effectively reduce the jitter in telecommunication systems and improve the overall system noise performance.
TK series also fulfills Synchronous Ethernet and clock packet (ITU-T G.826x and G.827x) timing requirements. It complies with the IEEE1588 standard reference timing source requirement for either top-of-rack switches or leaf switches topology. The TK type TCXO with ultra-low phase noise performance at carrier frequency of 100MHz and the far-out phase noise <-160dBc/Hz @ 1KHz offset. So it makes it ideal for O-RAN base station, Microwave base station and small cell base station applications.

TY_Miniature, High Frequency SMD TCXO

The small form factor of Taitien’s TY series with package size as small as 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.7mm3 can save the PCB space. It is the best fit for equipment miniaturization design. Its frequency stability can reach as low as ±0.5ppm under an operation temperature between -40°C and +85°C.
With a frequency range from 9.5MHz to 60MHz, such as TY-J type. It can cover most of the RF, wireless communication and drone applications requirements. Both voltage controlled and standard TCXO options are supported in the TY series. Standard frequencies include 16.369MHz, 19.2MHz, 26MHz, 38.4MHz, 48MHz, 50MHz and 60MHz with a wide range supply voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V. TY series is best fit for GNSS and satellite communication applications.