Timing Module

Taitien’s atomic clock achieves precision of one trillionth of a second

As the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) supports 5G communication networks, data centers and other mission-critical infrastructures, the reliance on precise frequency and timing has increased. Smaller size and high-performance atomic clock technology has become the necessary criterion to support industry and commerce. Taitien’s atomic oscillators offer excellent performance and exceptional accuracy, stability and reliability under the most challenging environments. Meanwhile, these devices combined low drift rates, excellent short-term stability and stable frequency during temperature changes which enabled them to maintain accurate frequency and time during GNSS interruptions. Taitien’s atomic oscillators are ideally suited for portable battery-powered applications where the available power is limited, as well as fast and accurate frequencies are required after power on. With the built-in 1 PPS function, these devices provide atomic clock accuracy, miniature size, light weight and low power consumption, which makes them ideal for various commercial, industrial, space and defense applications that require performance and durability.

  • Stable time and frequency reference – highly synchronized with reference clocks (such as GNSS signals)
  • Low monthly drift rate and good short-term stability which is able to maintain accurate frequency and timing during GNSS interruptions
  • Wide operating temperature range over -40˚C to +85˚C. This feature satisfies the needs for quick start of key communication and navigation systems in extreme climates.
  • Fast frequency calibration by integrating 1 PPS input pin which saves time, development cost and to further eliminate the needs to do additional circuit design for system developers
  • Applications: low-cost reference clock, test and measurement equipment, underwater landform detection and network system, low-earth orbit satellite, oil and gas exploration, smart grid, portable battery-powered communication system, radar, broadcasting, IoT master clock, high-precision server, telecommunications base station

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