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Ultra Low Jitter Crystal Oscillators for High Speed Optical Modules

Rapid adoption of 5G technology and IoT devices which drive the demand of high data rate optical modules, especially from data center for inter and intra communication purpose. Increase the optical module data rate from current 100Gbps to 400Gbps/800Gbps is an efficient way to upgrade the network infrastructure, where PAM4 signal modulation and coherent technology are the key for the new high data rate optical module design. …more

Application Guidelines for crystal oscillators

How to use quartz oscillator correctly? What are some issues to be aware of when using the product?


PECL stands for “Positive Emitter Coupled Logic”. PECL are differential logic outputs commonly used in high-speed clock distribution circuits. Low Voltage PECL (LVPECL) denotes PECL circuits designed for use with 3.3V or 2.5V supply, the same supply voltage as for low voltage CMOS devices….

Side Pads on Crystal Oscillators

Side pads are metal pads on the side of crystal oscillator packages. Pads are generally on the short side of the package. Side pads are used to measure electrical characteristics of crystal blanks after assembly in order to further assure quality of the blanks before shipment….

Utilize Clipped Sine Waveform in Circuit Design

Clipped sine waveform is the most popular output option for TCXOs. Low power consumption for improved thermal characteristics :Better aging and frequency stability performance. Better phase noise performance than CMOS output….more

Tri-State Function in Crystal Oscillators

In oscillator with Tri-state function, oscillator output can be controlled by the Tri-state pin as follows: Logic High : Output Enable ; Logic Low : Output Disable. The Tri-state function would allow output pin to assume high-impedance state, effectively removing the oscillator output from the circuit. Oscillator circuits can remain on or be turned off while output is disabled in Tri-State….more

Inverted MESA Blank

Oscillator frequency is inversely proportional to the thickness of the crystal blank. The higher the frequency, the thinner the crystal blanks. Inverted Mesa technology creates a region on the crystal blank much thinner than polished blanks for resonating. Thicker crystal material surrounding the “well” provides robust structural support for better reliability. Inverted Mesa blanks can be used in crystals, crystal oscillators and VCXOs for high fundamental frequency applications. …more

How to Minimize EMI effect on Crystal Oscillators

For TATIEN crystal oscillators, top metal covers are electrically connected to GND terminals. The metal covers provide effective shielding against EMI from ASIC inside the oscillator. …more