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  • Taitien Releases Ultra Low Power Consumption Disciplined Atomic Clock DTA-100

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, introduced the ultra-low power disciplined atomic clock DTA-100. The newly launched DTA-100 is characterized by a miniature size and ultra-low power consumption, which offers exceptional precision and stability of atomic clock level for portable applications. DTA-100 provides...

  • Taitien Releases Cost-Effective Disciplined Crystal Oscillator GT-11

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has introduced the highly cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator GT-11. The newly launched GT-11 provides a built-in GPS receiver module, which uses GPS or 1 pps as a disciplining signal. By disciplining and locking, GT-11 can achieve the...

  • Taitien Releases Ultra-low Power Consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has launched the ultra-low power consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101. DTQ-101 offers atomic clock level precision and stability while achieving miniature size and ultra-low power consumption. This series controls its internal phase error within 1 ns (RMS)...

  • Taitien participates in the IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2021

      The advent of 5G and the rise of AIoT have greatly changed the technical standards of quartz frequency control products. In addition to the requirements for miniaturization, new applications also focused on performance indicators such as high frequency, high stability, low jitter and wide...

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