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  • Taitien’s Precise Oscillation Rhythm Creates the Heartbeat in Electronic Systems

    Quartz crystal is an electronic component that utilizes the piezoelectric effect of quartz to generate high-precision oscillation frequencies. Quartz has become an important component which is widely used in various electronic devices due to its physical characteristics of low temperature coefficient and high Q value....

  • Taitien Releases Ultra Low Power Consumption Disciplined Atomic Clock DTA-100

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, introduced the ultra-low power disciplined atomic clock DTA-100. The newly launched DTA-100 is characterized by a miniature size and ultra-low power consumption, which offers exceptional precision and stability of atomic clock level for portable applications. DTA-100 provides...

  • Taitien Releases Cost-Effective Disciplined Crystal Oscillator GT-11

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has introduced the highly cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator GT-11. The newly launched GT-11 provides a built-in GPS receiver module, which uses GPS or 1 pps as a disciplining signal. By disciplining and locking, GT-11 can achieve the...

  • Taitien Releases Ultra-low Power Consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101

    Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has launched the ultra-low power consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101. DTQ-101 offers atomic clock level precision and stability while achieving miniature size and ultra-low power consumption. This series controls its internal phase error within 1 ns (RMS)...

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High Precision Timing Solutions
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