GNSS Positioning & Synchronization

Your ideal choice for Satellite communication system / GNSS applications

Taitien provides TCXO and OCXO solutions to major international satellite communication companies looking for critical frequency components. Up/down converters are essential in satellite communication in Ka- and Ku bands, and critical components include oscillators with high-frequency, low-phase noise performance. With the coming of high-throughput satellites and LEOs on a large scale, the aerospace industry has entered the New Space Era and end-user ground receivers for satellite communications will be widely adopted in vehicles and ships in every corner of the world. Taitien’s newly launched high frequency and low g-sensitivity TCXO, high-precision OCXO, timing module and atomic clock modules feature excellent frequency stability, ultra-low phase noise and ultra-low aging, making them optimal for ground station applications.

  • Low Phase Jitter < 0.5ps
  • 24 Hours Holdover < 1.5uS
  • Low Power Consumption < 0.6W
  • Ultra low g-Sensitivity (0.1 ppb/g)
  • extended temperature from -55°C to 125°C
  • Able to Lock to Communication Satellite Signals
  • Features Accurate Reference Frequency Sources
    and Time Synchronization Modules Even in Bad Weather
  • Application: Agriculture, Automotive, Defense and Space, IoT and Sport, Emergency Beacon, Location Based Service, Personal Survival, Real Time Kinematic (RTK)

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