Miniature OCXO

Taitien's Miniature OCXOs: Engineered for the Future of 5G Design

In the 5G arena, the trend towards smaller yet more efficient devices, such as Active Antenna Units (AAUs) and small cell base stations, is evident. These compact designs aim to optimize space for sophisticated applications. Taitien's OCXOs are crucial in these precision timing applications, forming the technological core. They provide highly accurate and stable clock signals while evolving into more compact forms. Taitien's miniature OCXOs mark a significant advancement in this domain with their exceptionally small size and superior performance, earning global recognition. Renowned for their performance, quality, excellent temperature stability, and phase noise characteristics, Taitien's OCXOs are ideal for various applications including base stations, micro base stations, and wireless communication equipment. Their outstanding phase noise performance, coupled with IEEE1588 packet timing protocol compatibility, makes them a prime choice for precision-dependent and stable timing applications.

  • Ultra-Compact Design: In line with the trend towards miniaturization in various sectors, these devices meet the growing demand for smaller, more efficient technology.
  • Precision and Stability in Timing: Essential for multifaceted applications requiring precise timing, these OCXOs offer highly accurate and stable clock signals.
  • Exceptional Frequency Stability: Ensures reliable performance across a broad range of applications.
  • Superior Longevity: The impressive aging rate of these OCXOs guarantees long-term stability and performance.
  • Advanced Phase Noise Characteristics: Suited for applications where high-quality signal transmission is crucial.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfectly suited for base stations, micro base stations, and wireless communication devices.

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