Choosing Taitien's full range of OCXOs equates to selecting unwavering precision

In this era of rapid technological advancement, Taitien is continuously breaking barriers with high-efficiency, high-stability innovations. Our OCXOs are a testament to this commitment, offering the most precise and reliable clock signal solutions to our customers. Designed for space-constrained environments, our miniaturized OCXOs do not compromise on performance or stability. The dual OCXOs, with their distinctive design, provide enhanced frequency stability and reduced phase noise. For sectors where signal quality is crucial, our low phase noise OCXOs are the preferred choice. The low g-sensitivity OCXOs maintain outstanding frequency stability in high-vibration conditions, ideal for demanding applications. Meeting the market's need for speed, our fast-delivery OCXOs ensure clients receive their products promptly and efficiently.

  • Innovation in Technology: We remain at the innovation forefront, constantly researching and developing cutting-edge technologies and products that dictate industry trends.
  • A Spectrum of Choices: Our diverse range of products across multiple series caters to the varied application needs of different sectors.
  • Prioritizing Our Customers: Committed to providing expert technical support and swift delivery, we ensure comprehensive fulfillment of our clients’ requirements.
  • Compactness Redefined: Our ultra-compact miniature OCXOs are ideally suited for space-sensitive applications.

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