Low g-sensitivity OCXO

Taitien's Low G-Sensitivity OCXO: The Timekeeping Solution for Aerospace Technology

Did you know that in extreme physical conditions and intense vibrations, even a minor variation in time reference can significantly affect the success of missions? G sensitivity measures an OCXO's response to external accelerations, expressed in ppb/g. This parameter is vital in critical industries like aircraft, drones, rockets, and satellites. Taitien, with its unique SC-cut crystal technology, has developed a low G-sensitivity OCXO. This oscillator excels in harsh environments with its excellent phase stability, long-term reliability, and quick start-up time. Not only does it ensure precise wireless communications, but it also offers reliable connectivity under extreme conditions. In the rapidly evolving tech world, Taitien's low G-sensitivity quartz oscillator is not just an optimal choice but an essential ally for ensuring high precision and reliability. Opt for Taitien for expertise and trust.

  • The unique SC-cut crystal achieves high acceleration sensitivity and extremely low phase noise.
  • Provides highly accurate timekeeping for aerospace vehicles like airplanes, rockets, and satellites, ensuring navigation, communication, and safety.
  • Delivers unmatched performance even in extreme physical conditions and high vibration environments.
  • Features rapid start-up time and long-term stability, suitable for various extreme conditions.
  • Optimized for low power consumption, saving energy costs while offering top-notch performance.
  • Widely applied in essential industries such as GPS, drones, commercial aircraft, radar systems, and satellite communications, making it the preferred choice.

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