Double Oven OCXO

Taitien's DOCXO: Your Essential Partner for High-Precision Applications

Why choose the Dual Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (DOCXO)? As we progress into the future, the demand for unwavering frequency stability becomes increasingly vital, especially in precision-focused areas. Traditional single oven-controlled oscillators (OCXO) are not sufficient in challenging scenarios like network synchronization, GPS timekeeping, or accurate laboratory testing. Here, Taitien’s DOCXO steps in. With over 50 years of expertise in quartz frequency control technology, Taitien has engineered the DOCXO to offer remarkable ±0.05 ppb frequency stability. This ensures not only exact timing but also strong resistance to temperature fluctuations, perfectly meeting the rigorous demands of modern applications. From network base stations to GPS systems, and intensive lab tests, our DOCXO consistently surpasses the highest accuracy and stability standards. Choosing Taitien's DOCXO means selecting unmatched excellence and reliability to meet future frequency control challenges.

  • Exceptional frequency stability, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in various applications.
  • Outstanding aging rate, providing enduring stability over time.
  • Consistent performance in extreme temperatures, adaptable to a range of environments.
  • Rapid start-up capability, allowing swift and stable operation in critical applications.
  • Energy-saving design, contributing to lower operating costs.
  • Superior phase noise characteristics, ideal for applications requiring top-quality signals.
  • Wide-ranging applications, from instrument calibration to microwave communications, testing, measurement, and telecommunications systems, addressing diverse requirements.

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