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TAITIEN Introduces Ultra Low Noise OCXO — NJ-100M-6800 Series

TAITIEN Introduces Ultra Low Noise OCXO — NJ-100M-6800 Series

news-20150306-200x200Taitien Electronics, a leading provider of frequency control solutions, has introduced the highest performance Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXOs) at 100MHz in the industry, the NJ-100M-6800 series . Leveraging Taitien’s long history of making high-performance OCXOs and expertise in end-to-end fabrication of high-precision quartz crystal oscillators, the new 6800 series OCXOs are capable of providing tight frequency stability of +/-50ppb over -20 to 70°C and +/-100ppb over -40 to 85°C in a compact SMD 25.4 x 22 mm package with excellent phase noise performance.

Key Features:

  • Ultra low phase noise with noise floor as low as -180dBc/Hz
  • Excellent close-in phase noise at -135dBc/Hz at 100Hz offset and -160dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset
  • Low G-sensitivity performance at <1ppb/g
  • Frequency stability of +/-50ppb from -20 to 70°C and +/-100ppb from -40 to 85°C
  • Industry standard 25.4 x 22 mm SMD package
  • Standard frequency of 100MHz with other frequencies available

Ideally suited for applications demanding high-precision timing requirements such as satellite communications, test instrumentation, and military radar systems, the NJ-100M-6800 series OCXOs can deliver performances needed for low-noise reference clocks in high-speed wireless communication systems. For additional information on this new OCXO, please contact Taitien at refer to the online product datasheet . Samples are available upon request.