Come meet with Taitien at Electronica 2022, booth 566/2 in Hall A5!

Come meet with Taitien at Electronica 2022, booth 566/2 in Hall A5!

Taitien team invites you to visit us during Electronica 2022, one of the top three electronics trade fairs in the world, at Booth 566/2 in Hall A5!

Taitien sincerely invites you to attend Electronica 2022 in Germany from November 15 through November 18, 2022, in which we will exhibit frequency control solutions for the five major application products in the market, including high-speed data center and edge computing, network synchronization solutions, 5G telecom solutions, automotive electronics solutions, GNSS (LEO/GEO) positioning, high-end testing instruments, and instrument solutions. We are also able to provide clients with customized product solutions and serialized products for fast delivery. We hope to see you in our booth to experience the latest technologies in person!

A sneak peek of highlights of Taitien electronica 2022

A high-speed data center and edge computing and network synchronization solution

Ultra Low Jitter | Low Power Consumption | Smallest Size | Stratum 3, IEEE1588 and SyncE Compliant

As internet traffic grows significantly, throughput of data centers also increases and emerging applications need to be precisely synchronized. This results in the adoption of high-precision TCXO or OCXO in top-of-rack switches and leaf switches as a reference source for 5G networks with IEEE1588 and SyncE synchronization. Taitien’s solutions with Stratum 3 high-precision crystal oscillator and timing modules help to keep everything in sync with greater accuracy and stability. These oscillators are suitable for servers, switches, high-speed access devices, Smart NICs, optical communications, optical transceiver modules, servers, spine/leaf switches and other applications.

An automotive electronics solution

High Reliability | Zero Defects | In Alignment with AEC-Q200/AEC-Q100/IATF 16949

A quiet revolution is transforming the automotive industry with electric vehicles (EVs) soon going to have their own mobile supercomputers. The integration the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and advanced AI computing will enable new functions and services for the new-generation of self-driving and electric vehicle architecture. Taitien provides small-form-factor crystal, low jitter oscillators and high stability TCXO needed for automotive data centers, EV charging systems, infotainment systems, Connected Cars, C-V2X, 5G communications, ADAS, LEO for IoV, and GNSS positioning and tracking, and ensures low-latency communication and reliable performance required for vehicles today, tomorrow and into the future.

5G telecom solutions

High Precision | Low Power Consumption | Smallest Size | IEEE1588 and SyncE Compliant

Today’s wireless infrastructure is rapidly developing toward heterogeneous networks of multiple sizes and at multiple base-station levels. An active antenna system (AAS) that enables MIMO techniques will play a critical role in complex 5G communication coverage. The synchronization between software-defined radio and RU, DU and CU is of paramount importance to the basic functionality and the carrier aggregation of 5G/B5G/6G networks. Due to the need for low latency, along with timing modules, Stratum 3/3 / high-precision oscillation sources are essential to meet the need of 5G networks for synchronization and IEEE1588 compliance. Taitien offers a wide range of OCXO, TCXO and VCXO which are suitable for base stations as they can achieve high stability and low power consumption.

A GNSS (LEO/GEO) positioning and synchronization solution

Able to Lock to Communication Satellite Signals | Features Accurate Reference Frequency Sources and Time Synchronization Modules Even in Bad Weather

Taitien provides TCXO and OCXO solutions to major international satellite communication companies looking for critical frequency components. Up/down converters are essential in satellite communication in Ka- and Ku bands, and critical components incude oscillators with high-frequency, low-phase noise performance. With the coming of high-throughput satellites and LEOs on a large scale, the aerospace industry has entered the New Space Era and end-user ground receivers for satellite communications will be widely adopted in vehicles and ships in every corner of the world. Taitien’s newly launched high frequency and low g-sensitivity TCXO, high-precision OCXO, timing module and atomic clock modules feature excellent frequency stability, ultra-low phase noise and ultra-low aging, making them optimal for ground station applications.

High-end testing instruments and production equipment solutions

High Stability | Ultra-low Aging | Stratum3/3E Compliant

As wireless networks continue to advance with the 5G, B5G, and 6G standards, engineers have become more demanding on testing and measurement. 10MHz reference source is no longer able to meet the requirements. With the high frequency used for 5G networking and microwave applications, a 100MHz reference source with frequency stability at parts per billion (PPB) level is required. Taitien’s high precision, low jitter TCXO and low g-sensitivity OCXO are perfectly suited for high-end testing instruments and equipment, as well as calibration and metrology laboratories, which require high stability.