TAITIEN Introduces the Smallest RTC Solution – 32.768kHz OX/OY Series

TAITIEN Introduces the Smallest RTC Solution – 32.768kHz OX/OY Series


There is an increasing need for a miniaturized and low power consumption real-time clock (RTC) solutions that meet the demands of mobility and extended battery life in smart phones, tablet PCs, digital systems and other mobile electronics. 32.768kHz crystal oscillators, as a typical real-time clock solution, are widely used in the industry due to their high frequency accuracy and stability.

Taitien Electronics, a leading provider of frequency control solutions, has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high stability crystal oscillators for various demanding applications. Besides a comprehensive line of 32.768kHz crystal resonators addressing the diverse form factor requirements, Taitien has introduced a new line of 32.768kHz crystal oscillators, 32.768kHz OX/OY series, specifically developed for significantly higher frequency stability and compact packages required for real-time clock applications in products. Taitien’s 32.768kHz OX/OY series utilize smallest-in-class AT-Cut crystal oscillator in an industry standard SMD packages of 3.2×2.5mm and 2.5×2.0mm. Generally, AT-Cut crystal oscillators provide excellent frequency-temperature stability, capable of achieving <2 seconds error for 24hr of continuous operation compared to >8 seconds over the same period for oscillators using tuning fork crystals. Combined with low-power ASIC design, Taitien’s 32.768kHz OX/OY series deliver the benefits of small form factor, low current consumption of <60uA and tight frequency stability of ±25ppm over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, as well as fast start-up time at 2 ms.

Taking advantages of Taitien’s design and fabrication expertise on 32.768kHz crystal resonators and quartz oscillators, Taitien’s 32.768kHz OX/OY series would be an optimal solution for real-time clock applications in system designs requiring exceptional timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

For detailed information about Taitien’s 32.768kHz OX/OY series, please contact Taitien at sales@taitien.com.tw or your local sales representatives. Samples are available upon request.