Unlock New Possibilities with Taitien’s NA/NI-100M-6700

Unlock New Possibilities with Taitien’s NA/NI-100M-6700

Ultra-Low G-Sensitivity 100MHz OCXO by Taitien Electronics: Ideal for Superior Phase Noise Performance and Stability in Aerospace Applications

In the world of technology, timing is not just a factor; it’s the foundation. Taitien Electronics is thrilled to introduce the NA-100M-6700 and NI-100M-6700 OCXO series, setting a new benchmark in precision timing solutions. Engineered for excellence, these oscillators are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed communication, critical testing environments, and advanced telecom infrastructure.

With an ultra-low g-sensitivity of 0.05 parts per billion per g, these oscillators promise unmatched accuracy, making them perfect for applications in dynamic or high-vibration settings. The series boasts a maximum RMS jitter of just 0.05 picoseconds, guaranteeing the precision of signal timing essential for high-speed data transfer and reliable communication.

Signal quality is paramount, and with a superior phase noise floor at -172 dBc/Hz, the NA/NI-100M-6700 series ensures that your data is transmitted clearly and efficiently, reducing the effects of noise and interference. Stability is another cornerstone of these oscillators, offering an exceptional ±100 parts per billion over a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent performance even in the most challenging environments.

Available in two compact package sizes, these oscillators offer flexibility for a variety of applications, from telecom transmission and switching to wireless communication and medical imaging. Whether it’s enhancing the performance of base stations, providing a reliable clock reference for microwave signal sources, or ensuring the accuracy of radar systems, the NA/NI-100M-6700 series is your solution.

If you’re looking to elevate your timing solutions and demand precision engineering at its finest, look no further than Taitien’s
latest OCXO series. For more information and to discover how these products can transform your applications, please contact Taitien Electronics’ sales team.


  • Frequency: 100MHz
  • Ultra-low G-sensivitiy: as low as 0.05ppb/g
  • Ultra-low jitter: 0.05ps RMS Jitter Max
  • Superior phase noise floor: -172dBc/Hz
  • Good stability: ±100ppb
  • 2 different package/series: NA-100M-6700 (25x25mm), NI-100M-6700 (36x27mm)



  • Telecom, SONET/SDH/DWDM
  • Test & Measurement, Instrument Reference
  • Base Stations, Wireless, and Picocell
  • Microwave and Radar Communication
  • Precision GNSS, Avionics
  • Timing and RF applications


Taitien Electronics Ultra Low G-Sensitivity 100MHz OCXO Performance Graph