Breaking Boundaries: Taitien’s Ultra-compact, High Precision, Low G-Sensitivity TCXO (TP Series)

Breaking Boundaries: Taitien’s Ultra-compact, High Precision, Low G-Sensitivity TCXO (TP Series)

Taitien TP type


In today’s rapidly evolving electronic landscape, the drive for smaller yet accurate components never ceases. The TP Series stands as a significant advancement, setting fresh benchmarks in terms of efficiency, compactness, and reliability.

A Triumph in Miniaturization (Size as small as 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.48mm)
Historically, crystal oscillators have been pivotal for precision timing in fields ranging from telecom to aerospace. Their size, however, posed design limitations. The TP Series TCXO, with its compact 3.2 x 2.5mm dimension, challenges these norms, marking a notable size reduction compared to traditional measures.

Performance Par Excellence (Stratum 3: ±4.6ppm over 20 years under -40°C ~ 85°C)
The TP Series not only matches but often surpasses the performance of traditional TCXOs. Despite its size, it delivers impeccable precision, ensuring resilience even under tough conditions.

Superior Phase Noise Performance (as good as the traditional TCXO)
The TP Series TCXO is a game-changer in frequency control. Its phase noise traits outdo many of its counterparts, signifying a blend of superior engineering and modern tech. This oscillator breaks the myth that size compromises frequency control quality, catering to sectors where precision is paramount.

Revolutionized G-Sensitivity (as good as 0.3 ppb/g – typical)
The TP Series’ low G-sensitivity is noteworthy, especially for dynamic or high-vibration environments, guaranteeing unwavering accuracy when it’s most needed.

Pioneering the Future
The TP Series TCXO signals a transformative phase in frequency control. Emphasizing efficiency, size reduction, and advanced G-sensitivity, it paves the way for diverse applications, from modern wearables to aerospace. This TCXO encapsulates innovation, steering the electronics domain to newer horizons.


  • Smallest Size (3.2 x 2.5 mm)
  • Low G-Sensitivity (<0.5 ppb/g)
  • High Precision (±0.1 ppm)


  • GNSS, Positioning & Navigation
  • Base Station,Stratum 3
  • Aircraft, Ships, Defense Systems


Taitien TP G-Sensitivity