TAITIEN Working with Maxim to Provide Cost-Effective Solution for Femtocell Transceiver Design

TAITIEN Working with Maxim to Provide Cost-Effective Solution for Femtocell Transceiver Design

To accommodate the explosion in mobile data demands created by smart phones, femtocell technology has been touted as the one of the most cost-effective approaches to address this issue. Similar to macrocell base stations, femtocells require tight frequency accuracy to ensure seamless handovers between macrocells and femtocells. Currently, the frequency accuracy needed for femtocell application is 0.25ppm or below, and can be as tight as 0.1ppm over operating temperature ranges.

TAITIEN Electronics, a leading provider of frequency control solutions, has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high precision TCXOs for various demanding applications. Specifically developed for tight frequency stability and minimal form factor required for applications such as the small cell base stations, Taitien’s TW series, with a small footprint at 5.0×3.2mm, provide cost-effective solutions for system clocks as well as flexibility in hardware design in femtocell devices.

With proprietary testing capability, Taitien is able to perform 100% precision temperature and holdover testing on TCXO products to ensure the performances meeting the demanding requirements for femtocell base stations. Taitien’s TW TCXOs can achieve 0.1ppm or better for the 24-hr frequency drift required for many of the femtocell applications. Taitien has been teaming up with major players in the BTS (base station transceiver) design community to provide the right timing solution to accelerate the deployment of femtocell technology.

Maxim Integrated Products, the leader in femtocell transceiver designs, has incorporated Taitien’s TW TCXO as the reference clock source with MAX2550-2553 single-chip femtocell radio transceivers as part of the reference designs.

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