kHz Crystal

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Since the advent of the quartz watch in 1967, Taitien has leaded the industry and began to produce tuning fork crystals, the core component of the quartz watch. The shape of the internal quartz crystal looks like a tuning fork, thus it is named a “tuning fork crystal”. Tuning fork crystals are the earliest existing and most widely used quartz crystal products series. As there is a growing demand for lighter and thinner products, Taitien has launched the world’s smallest tuning fork crystal, XB 1040 with a size of Ø1 x 4.6 mm. On the basis of the ultra-small package, it offers high precision and meets various reliability tests. It also complies with RoHS and Pb-free environmental requirements, meanwhile maintaining the advantages of low power consumption (drive Level of 0.1 ± 0.01 uW). XB 1040 enables system designers to reduce budgets on power and optimize circuit board design space for ultra-small and multi-functioned mobile devices.

  • Industry’s smallest size of Ø1 × 4.6 mm
  • High stability: annual aging rate lower than ±3 ppm
  • High Q (quality factor) value: tuning fork crystal design
  • Low power consumption: drive Level of 0.1 ±0.01 uW
  • Low equivalent impedance (ESR) and wide load capacitance (CL) range
  • Readily available with better delivery time which quickly support samples and follow-up mass production services
  • Applications: clock timer, wireless communication, FPGA, IoT, instrumentation, industry, automobile, health care, wearable device and portable device

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