TAITIEN Works with MediaTek to Offer Cost-effective Solutions for Mobile Communications

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As wireless mobile electronics become more prevalent and advanced, the performance requirements on components such as TCXOs used in these devices are getting more stringent at the same time.
Leveraging TAITIEN’s long history of making high-performance TCXOs and expertise in end-to-end fabrication of high-precision quartz crystal oscillators, the TY product line is capable of delivering frequency stability of +/- 0.5ppm over -40 to 85°C, as well as minimizing current consumption as low as 1.1mA with supply voltages ranging from 2.8V to 1.8V. Its small form factor of 2.5×2.0mm provides more flexibility for hardware engineers in utilizing board space and product designs. Additionally, the TY series can achieve the demanding timing specifications such as frequency and short-term stability with excellent phase noise performance required by GPS applications.

These features make the TY TCXO optimal solution as reference clocks enabling handheld wireless communications where power consumption and product size are critical. MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, has incorporated Taitien’s TY TCXO as the reference clock source with MT6620/ MT6628 chipsets which integrate wireless connectivity functions such as WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and FM for smart phone and tablet applications.

For further information about MediaTek’s MT6620/ MT6628 chipsets of wireless connectivity combo solution for SP and Tablet market, please go to http://www.mediatek.com/_en/01_products/04_pro.php?sn=72. For any questions about Taitien’s TCXO products, please contact sales@taitien.com.tw or your local Taitien servicing representatives.