High Frequency Differential VCXO

Any Frequency 24 Hours Delivery

Taitien’s high frequency differential VCXO (FASTXO series) enables designers to choose any frequency flexibly including frequencies that are rare in the market up to 2100 MHz; The frequency tolerance at -40°C~ +85°C is only ±25 ppm and it also achieves a larger pull range up to ±250 ppm. It can be widely used in clock synchronization in telecommunications, broadband, video and instruments, high-speed 4G/5G mobile phone communication networks, distributed base stations and microwave backhaul equipment.

  • Any Frequency between 10 MHz to 2.1 GHz
  • Wide Pulling Range 250 ppm max.
  • Wide Bandwidth of KV Modulaton : 20 kHz max.
  • Applications: SONET, FTTH, SDH, DWDM, 4G/5G Communication, Microwave Backhaul Equipment

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