Precise frequency control product in Femtocell is required

Precise frequency control product in Femtocell is required
TAITIEN has released its NF series of oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) designed specifically for Femtocell applications. Femtocell is a small indoor cellular base station designed to enhance mobile phone service coverage in residence . Both mobile phones and broadband connection are used to carry out calls within homes where wireless service coverage is poor.  Customers can have continuous access to various 3G services at home and eliminate the need for fixed line service.


High quality oscillators are required to ensure reliable long range data transmission by femtocells at high speed. TAITIEN has been focusing on frequency control products for nearly 30 years. Our vertically integrated business model enables TAITIEN to have close control of each step in the end-to-end crystal oscillator fabrication process. TAITIEN’s OCXO NF type features small package designed specifically for femtocell applications where minimal component size and high frequency stability is required. NF type OCXO offers cost effective solution without compromising performance requirement:
  • Small package 20.4 x 12.8 x 11.0 mm, standard DIP 14
  • AT-Cut Crystal
  • Accuracy frequency stability ±30 ppb
  • 0 ℃ to + 70 ℃ operating temperature range
  • 3.3 voltage operation
  • Aging, 5ppb per day
For GPS applications of femtocell, “Frequency Slope” and “Short-Term Stability” are two important parameters. TAITIEN has developed in-house equipments to conduct comprehensive testing on these critical parameters to minimize cold-start and ensure stable GPS signal receiving. TAITIEN TCXO TX series has been successfully utilized in a variety of GPS applications. For complete data specifications and samples please contact our sales office at +886-2-2686-1287 or email