Ultra Low Phase Noise VCXO

Taitien: Leading the Industry with Ultra-Low Phase Noise VCXO

Taitien's Ultra-Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) demonstrates our innovative research and precision technology. It provides unmatched phase noise performance and low G-sensitivity through a unique crystal design and low noise PLL circuits. This energy-efficient VCXO is an industry leader, aligning with modern electronic products' demands for high performance and sustainability. Exceptionally suited for clock recovery or jitter attenuation circuits, it is versatile in applications such as network equipment, base stations, Storage Area Networks, testing equipment, video systems, and 5G mobile base stations' front-end equipment (RRH). Our VCXO's precise encapsulation structure ensures superior G-sensitivity, blending outstanding performance with practicality.

  • Ultra-low phase noise floor, -175 dBc/Hz max at 1 MHz
  • Standard frequencies of 100 MHz, 122.88 MHz, and 125 MHz
  • Frequency stability as low as ±25 ppm from -40°C to +85°C, including 10 years aging
  • Low g-sensitivity performance with a maximum of 1.5 ppb/g at 100 MHz
  • True sinewave output with +10 dBm level min into 50 Ω load
  • Very low harmonics at -30 dBc max
  • Low profile at 3.6 mm in compact 9 mm x 14 mm SMD package

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