Revolutionize Your Design: CMOS Output Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Imbued with innovation and flexibility, the CMOS output voltage-controlled crystal oscillator is Taitien's latest masterpiece. This product, with its miniature size of merely 3.2mm x 2.5mm and ultra-thin height of 0.9mm, breaks spatial constraints and liberates your PCB design. The ultra-low phase noise series stands out with its ultra-low phase background noise of up to -175 dBc/Hz and excellent G-sensitivity of 1.5 ppb/g, setting a new industry benchmark. The FASTVCXO series, capable of immediate delivery within 24 hours, meets your high demands for time efficiency and performance. Moreover, the high-frequency series, with frequencies up to 2100 MHz, provides strong power for various high-frequency applications.

  • Diverse packaging options
  • Ultra-miniature design
  • Low phase noise VLEU series
  • Excellent G-sensitivity performance
  • Immediate delivery within 24 hours by the FASTVCXO series
  • High-frequency series reaching up to 2100 MHz
  • Wide temperature range adaptability
  • Wide application scope

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