Low Power XO

Leading the Wave of Low-Power Technology — Taitien Crystal Oscillator

Taitien's ultra-low power crystal oscillator is a game-changer in low power design. Operating at an ultra-low voltage of 0.9 V and standby current as low as 1.4 μA, it significantly reduces power consumption, extending both lifespan and operational efficiency. Thanks to its exclusive patented design, the oscillator offers precise frequency output with a stability of ±25 ppm and an impressive first-year frequency aging rate of as low as ±3 ppm/year. The OZ series, measuring only 2.05x1.65x0.75 mm, offers increased flexibility in system design due to its ultra-compact package. With advantages such as low power consumption, stable frequency output, and miniaturization, the OZ series finds extensive application in automotive electronics communication, laptops, switches, mobile base stations, smart homes, and other networking application fields.

  • Ultra-Low Power: Achieving power efficiency with a voltage as low as 0.9V.
  • Standby Current: Exceptionally low standby current of just 1.4μA, reducing power consumption.
  • Aging Rate: A minimal aging rate of ±3 ppm/year, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Frequency Stability: A stability of ±25 ppm guarantees consistent performance.
  • Miniature Size: The compact form factor of 2.05×1.65×0.75 mm allows for flexible design.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from smartphones and wearable devices to smart homes and automotive electronics.

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