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Energizing Your Product, Taitien's Quartz Oscillators

Taitien's quartz oscillators cover a wide range of capabilities, from the ultra-low power consumption of 1.4uA, to achieving a phenomenal 0.05ps phase jitter with our low phase noise oscillators, and unfaltering performance across a wide temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Our high-precision CMOS quartz oscillators reach an accuracy of ±10ppm. Additionally, Taitien's high-frequency quartz oscillators, specifically designed for data centers, edge computing servers, optical fiber and wired communication networks, can reach frequencies up to 2100MHz. Notably, our rapid delivery quartz oscillators offer high-frequency outputs from 1 MHz to 2100 MHz and can be customized to any frequency, with samples available within 24 hours. Taitien meets all your needs and opens up infinite possibilities for you.

  • Extremely Low Power Consumption: Maximizing energy efficiency with a power consumption of only 1.4uA.
  • Low Phase Noise: Achieving an excellent level of phase jitter of just 0.05 ps in the bandwidth of 12 kHz to 20 MHz.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operating seamlessly within the temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.
  • High Frequency: Achieving a frequency of up to 2100 MHz, perfect for data centers, edge computing servers, fiber optic, and wired communication networks.
  • High Precision: Delivering precision up to ±10 ppm with CMOS quartz oscillators.
  • Fast Delivery: Capable of delivering samples within 24 hours, ensuring speed and efficiency.

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