Low g-sensitivity VCTCXO/TCXO

Unwavering in High Vibration and Harsh Environments: Taitien’s Low g-sensitivity VCTCXO

In extreme physical conditions and highly vibrational environments, even a slight time reference error can impact the execution of critical missions. G-sensitivity, expressed in ppb/g, is a key indicator that measures an oscillator’s responsiveness to these changes. This data plays a vital role in various fields including aircraft, drones, rockets, and satellites. Taitien Electronics’ specially developed low G-sensitivity temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (VCTCXO) performs exceptionally well in these demanding environments. It is recognized in the industry for its excellent phase stability and rapid start-up time, while also providing reliable performance over the long term, ensuring high precision in wireless communication under all extreme conditions. In this era of continuous technological innovation, Taitien's temperature-compensated crystal oscillator has indeed become the first choice for the industry and consumers. It not only ensures precise and reliable communication but also offers additional value to users with its energy-saving design. When you choose Taitien Electronics, you are actually choosing a reliable partner and professional technical support.

  • Time Precision: Ensures navigation, communication, and safety standards are at their highest, whether for aircraft, rockets, or satellites.
  • Extreme Environment Performance: Provides unparalleled performance even in extreme physical conditions and high-vibration situations.
  • Rapid Start-Up: Features rapid start-up time, ensuring immediate performance response.
  • Long-Term Stability: Ensures long-term reliability and stability through precision technology.
  • Low Power Consumption Design: Optimized design for low power operation, saving energy costs and being environmentally friendly.
  • Versatile Applications: Widely applicable to critical industries such as global positioning systems, radar systems, satellite communications, and defense systems.
  • Industry Trusted: Widely applied and recognized in multiple key industries, becoming the preferred device.

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