Ultra-compact, Extraordinary Possibilities - Taitien's VCTCXO & TCXO

Taitien's ultra-miniature TCXO excels in small size, making it perfect for drones, RF technology, and wireless communication modules. It saves crucial PCB space and meets stringent miniaturization requirements. Offering Voltage-Controlled TCXO (VC-TCXO) and standard TCXO options, it ensures excellent frequency stability and a wide selection range, even under low current conditions, making it ideal for mobile communication systems. Furthermore, it is designed for low-power consumption and battery-driven applications, balancing system performance and energy efficiency seamlessly. This product is a top choice for compact and reliable frequency control in advanced communication and technology applications.

  • Saving PCB space
  • Offering Voltage-Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VC-TCXO) and Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) options
  • High frequency stability (±0.5 ppm)
  • Wide frequency range (10 MHz~52 MHz)
  • Covering mainstream frequency points of products such as wireless communication modules, radio frequency, drones

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