Miniature Crystal

Miniature Size: Realizing Infinite Possibilities of Wearable Applications

Taitien launched the X3 Type, a miniature packaged crystal for smart wearable devices. The size is 1.65 x 1.25 mm with a height of only 0.3 mm. The ultra-small size is highly suitable for the design of smart wearable devices which is sensitive to design space. While working under room temperature, the frequency deviation is less than ±5 ppm which ensures the accuracy of the output clock frequency. The maximum drive level is 200μW and is sufficient to meet the low power consumption requirements of smart wearable devices. Furthermore, the metal packaging design greatly improves the environmental adaptation and drop resistance of smart wearable devices.

  • Industry’s smallest size
  • Metal package
  • Maximum drive level of 200 μW
  • Annual aging rate as low as ±3 ppm/year
  • Frequency deviation less than ±5 ppm
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +125°C
  • Application: mobile phones, Bluetooth, wireless communication, computer and peripherals, wearable smart devices, GPS, smart home, smart medical, smart city, WLAN, WiFi 6/6E, UWB, digital TV and other electronic products.

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