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Miniature Design: Breaking the Limits of Miniature Product Development

The new features of smart terminals are rapidly developing. The realization of integrating more features in limited space not only challenged the wisdom of engineers, but also pushes the limits of miniaturization for electronic component manufacturers. Crystal, as a vital role in smart terminals, is constantly updating. Higher-performance miniaturized SMD crystals are developed to satisfy the needs of smart products for miniaturized SMD crystal oscillators. Taitien, a leading supplier of time-frequency solutions, has launched crystal products with smaller size, lower power consumption and higher stability in response to the current trend of device miniaturization, including basic SMD crystal, crystal oscillator, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO and etc.

  • One of the smallest-sized designs in the industry – achieving low power consumption and saving design space for systems at the same time
  • The high-Q crystal design offers excellent performance in both frequency and temperature characteristics
  • Proprietary Formosa ASIC technology greatly enhances the reliability of products
  • Excellent phase noise performance for 5G wireless telecommunication devices
  • Application: wearable devices, smart homes, edge computing, smart healthcare, smart city, IoT and mobile markets

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